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Hello friends! Happy holidays to you all. Here's a chilled out 'cast of the usual sort of banter. A recap of the El Paso trip, plans for 2012, and lots of love sent out to all! Looking forward to 2012! Peace and blessings! Featured song, 'Now's the Time' by Critter Jones. Enjoy!




Hey folks! Hope the new Mystic Mind Soundcloud page helps with the previous bandwidth issues. I'm taking the first step in my Hero's Journey of travel, self-discovery and healing this Thursday, due to arrive in my birth town - El Paso, TX on Friday 11/11/11. Thought it meant 'the Step', but turns out it's 'the Passage'. You were right, Dad. I wish you all so much love and so many blessings, and hope to hear from you during my travels. Hopefully I'll get to meet more of you in person this way! Reach out and say hello, please! Namaste.

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This audio-recording is a collaborative effort by the Mystic Mind Podcast's, Jesse Miller and Elaine Smith, author of the blog: 'I Heart My Sharkfin'. Recorded at Miller/Madden Studios in Los Angeles, this audio-podcast features their conversation about Elaine's cancer-healing process, and meditation's crucial role IN that process. Elaine provides a bit of her personal background, the importance of diet, herbs, meditation, and sleep, and recaps her blog, thus far.

Featured music: 'Om Namah Shivaya' by Swami Chidvilasananda (Bhupali Raga)

http://iheartmysharkfin.blogspot.com/ (Elaine's Blog)

http://www.facebook.com/elainetheresasmith (Elaine's Page on Facebook)

http://www.siddhayoga.org/ (Swami Chidvilasananda)

http://mysticmind.podomatic.com (Mystic Mind Website)

http://www.facebook.com/groups/90231123508/ (Mystic Mind Facebook Group)

http://www.critterjones.com (Jesse's family band)


In part 2 of our talk, Jarett goes into the Trivium, its three parts: grammar, logic & rhetoric, and discusses the Trivium method, skills, logical fallacies, and the rhetorical-triangle. The trivium is discussed as a system by which to order one's mental awareness, and a tool for learning, developing concentration, and discerning certainty through critical thinking. We also discuss Jarett's 'Next Step Podcast', and briefly touch on permaculture, transition-towns, localization, gardening... what Jarett calls 'The Old Skills'. Also mentioned: Rudolph Steiner, KMO & the C-Realm, Jan Irvin & Gnostic Media, Richard Grove and Tragedy & Hope.

Outro music by Corey Michael Miller (http://www.facebook.com/coreymichaelmiller)



http://su.pr/2ER39G (Mystic Mind Facebook Group)


http://www.critterjones.com (Corey and Jesse's band)


This episode features the first half of a two-part conversation with Jarett Sanchez, host of 'The Next Step Podcast'. The work of David Lynch is briefly mentioned, and "dark-cinema" is looked at as a means for dealing with Shadow material. The work of Rudolph Steiner is discussed at some length, including practical techniques for stilling and focusing the mind. Jarett and Jesse speak about domestic life as spiritual practice, as well as kung fu. The conversation ends as we begin to segue into 'the Trivium' and critical thinking. Stay tuned for part two, next episode.

Featured music: 'Happiness' written by Corey Miller, performed by Critter Jones. (to download this song for FREE, checkout the new Critter Jones Podcast on Podomatic).






EPISODE ARCHIVED @: http://www.archive.org/details/AChatWithJarettSanchez


Greetings folks! I feel so blessed and thankful to chat with y'all again. Today's episode is mainly about the importance of a personal meditation practice; and more-so, the healing benefit and relief from the ego-death-process that meditation provides. Also discussed is using the breath as a tool (THE tool) for liberation from thought and 'the story of me'. Or in your case, 'the story of you!' Ah, yes! And Jesse reads a short original piece called, 'The Philosopher & The Scientist'. smiley Love and blessings to each and everyone of you!

Intro music improv by yours truly (total BLITA-style rip-off, right?)
Outro song: Critter Jones' 'Charlie' written by Corey Miller

http://iheartmysharkfin.blogspot.com/ (Elaine Smith's Blog)

http://www.critterjones.com (Jesse & Corey's family band)

http://babebaker.com/ (Babe's website)

http://www.smalltimecook.com/ (Lynzie's food blog)

http://www.livinginmagic.org/blog/ (Michael Mackintosh)

http://successultranow.com/home.php (Dr. Nick Good & Michael Mackintosh)

http://sunburstonline.org (Sunburst Sanctuary - Norman Paulsen) Not Sunrise, that's a retirement home. oops! big smile

EPISODE ARCHIVED @: http://www.archive.org/details/MysticMindRevival